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Benefits of pineapple Sweet and sour fruit.

When we eat pineapple, our tongue has a natural protein coating. This enzyme also breaks down proteins on our tongue. That causes the tongue area to become irritated, burning, and itchy. After that, the tongue creates new proteins to replace it. In addition, pineapple also contains minerals, vitamin

Spaghetti Carbonara Italian food is easy.

One of the most popular menu items is Spaghetti Carbonara or CARBONARA, spaghetti originates from Chinese noodles during the era of trading with foreign countries. and has been adapted to suit foreign cultures Until it becomes another type of pasta. (The collective name for Italian food consisting of noodles,

What are the benefits of cacao powder?

Cacao is a topic that people are wondering if it is cocoa or not. Today, we will take you to get to know what Cacao is and in what ways it is beneficial to health .  The benefits of cacao powder are good for health in many ways, such

Boiled potatoes benefits.

How many minutes to boiled potatoes? Anyone who is looking for a way to boil potatoes until they are soft to make food. Such as baked potatoes with cheese, potato salad, chicken potato soup, mashed potatoes, etc. Let’s see how to boil in this recipe. There are methods for