How to fry mackerel?

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How many minutes to fry mackerel? Tips for frying fish so that the skin is crispy and the meat is soft, doesn’t stick to the pan, and doesn’t splash oil. Along with how to buy mackerel

How to fry mackerel until crispy?

 Heat a pan and add enough oil to cover. If it’s steamed mackerel, use medium-high heat or medium heat. If it’s fresh mackerel, use high heat. When the oil is hot, add the mackerel and fry on one side at a time. Turn the heat down to the other side as the oil is already hot. This will prevent the fish from getting burnt. Caution: If you turn it around often it will cause the skin to fall off and soak up the oil. And you shouldn’t fry it for too long because it will make the fish hard and dry. When finished frying, put it aside to expose to the wind. Or you can mix or sprinkle flour on the mackerel before frying to make it crispy as well.UFABET

How to fry without sticking to the pan?

 Add ginger slices and fry in oil. Fry until the ginger changes color, scoop it out so that the mackerel doesn’t stick to the pan and has a good aroma. Then slowly fry the mackerel.

How many minutes per side to fry mackerel?

 The recommended frying time is about 1-2 minutes per side or until golden brown.

How to fry fresh mackerel until crispy?

 Fresh mackerel can be fried right away. No need to steam before frying. Should be cleaned with salt water so that when frying the skin will not stick to the pan. Water from the fish should be blotted dry to prevent oil splashes. and may be chevroned to make them ripen more quickly But if you want to steam it before frying, you should let the fish cool down first and then fry it. And you should fry one side at a time so that the fish skin doesn’t come off. After frying, take the fried fish out and let it drain for a while to keep it crispy for longer.