How to choose a watermelon?

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How to choose a watermelon? You should choose young ones that are old and ripe. You will get watermelon flesh that is red, sweet and juicy, which can be seen from…

Choose watermelons with dark skin. Even skin tone 

Round balls are sweeter than long ones.ทางเข้า UFABET

The watermelon stem or vine is still attached to the fruit. Roll, twist into a spiral and dry. Not bright green

Choose a ball that is weighty and not hollow. When strumming, the sound must be firm and resonant.

The pattern on the bottom must be close together. The rind of that watermelon is thin.

Notice the yellow marks on the peel. This is where the watermelon touches the soil and ripens in the sunlight. The darker the yellow color, the older. It is sweeter and juicier than the pale yellow.

If you want a watermelon with few seeds, look at the lines. If the lines are far apart. The lines of the watermelon seeds inside the fruit will also be far apart

Benefits of watermelon.

  • Rich in many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A helps nourish eyesight, Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and nourishes the skin, Vitamin E helps reduce wrinkles, etc.
  • Helps you feel full for a long time. decreased appetite And it’s also low in sugar and calories. Suitable for those who control their weight.
  • Reduces the risk of developing diseases related to inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis. Because there are substances in the carotenoid group like beta-cryptoxanthin. (Beta-Cryptoxanthin)
  • Contains lycopene, an antioxidant Helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
  • Helps increase fiber that helps with digestion, excretion, and relieves thirst. 
  • Has a mild diuretic effect Reduce the occurrence of stones in the urinary tract.