Boiled potatoes benefits.

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How many minutes to boiled potatoes? Anyone who is looking for a way to boil potatoes until they are soft to make food. Such as baked potatoes with cheese, potato salad, chicken potato soup, mashed potatoes, etc. Let’s see how to boil in this recipe. There are methods for boiling whole potatoes, cutting them in half, and boiling them in a deep fryer. And boiled to make mashed potatoes With many more benefits UFABET

  1. Rich in carbohydrates, protein and low in calories. Helps you feel full for a long time. Suitable for people losing weight
  2. There are various minerals that help maintain strong bones and teeth. Strengthens collagen around joints and cartilage. and helps nourish the skin
  3. Contains vitamin B6 to help nourish and make the nervous system and brain function normally. 
  4. Contains vitamin C to help prevent the common cold. Scurvy 
  5. Helps reduce blood pressure Prevent heart disease 
  6. High in fiber, helps relieve constipation. Reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer.

How many calories ?

 100 grams of boiled potatoes will provide approximately 80 kilocalories of energy.

Can you eat boiled potatoes instead of rice?

 It contain carbohydrates that provide energy. You can eat it instead of rice. It also has high levels of protein, minerals, and some vitamins. Plus, it’s high in dietary fiber, helping to keep your stomach full for a long time and feel full quickly. 100 grams is equal to 1 ladle of rice.